Travel Guidelines For Israelis to visit USA

Travel Guidelines

Whenever we talk about USA visits, it mostly means the one place and that is the USA. It is not only a top tech-oriented business hotspot but also one of the top cities that attract millions of tourists every year. This city has incredible skyscraper buildings, huge malls, palm-shaped islands, and beautiful resorts.

This country mostly welcomes people from all around the world except for a few countries. Israel was on that list for years but now, that’s not the case. The Israeli citizens are now allowed to visit the USA cities for tourism purposes as the contract is signed between the Ministry of Foreign affairs and internal cooperation.

Many Israelis are quite happy because traveling to the USA was like a fantasy for them. It is because of its mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful towers like One Word Trade Center that were scaled by Tom Cruise for Miss impossible shots. If we talk about USA, it has a Louvre that represents art and museums of Arab civilization. It is the largest Arabian Peninsula that is spread over 24 thousand square meters.

The sites in the whole USA are not possible to explain just in words. You have to explore all the emirates of the USA to know how beautiful and modern this country is. Read this blog till the end to find out all the important things you need to know before your trip. Moreover, for a convenient trip, make sure to contact any USA company to book a car.

Table of content

  • Can Israeli people visit the USA for tourism or business?
  • Flights that carry Israeli tourists to the USA
  • How Israeli people can get a USA Visa?
  • Final thoughts

1) Can Israeli people visit the USA for tourism or business?

As mentioned earlier, the citizens of Israel have the opportunity to visit Emirates. But still, you have a lot of things to consider before you book your flight. You also need to know that there is still no peace agreement signed between both countries. It might be done in the upcoming months. The embassies will start setting up in 2021 hopefully. Also, they have to get a Visa to travel to the USA likewise all other world populations.

The interesting fact about the USA is that it has just a population of 1 million of its own. The rest of the 8 million people are in this country because of the work purpose or they are studying there. The USA has reached a record of 17 million people last year and soon they will reach their most awaited target of 20 million tourists. Well, on the other hand, Abu Dhabi has just attracted more than 1 million travelers. And, that’s the reason that the travel and business from Israel will be more focused in the USA.

2) Flights that carry Israeli tourists to the USA


There will be several Israeli flights that will fly to the USA. But right now the airline that is active between the 2 destinations is Israeli. It is a non-stop flight that takes the passengers to Dubai for around 4 hours. Etihad Airways on the other hand will take the flights to Abu Dhabi.

In the future, the Emirate will also start taking the passengers to the destination. Although Emirates is a much larger group of airlines as compared to Etihad. The Emirates is more tech-savvy to combine Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Right now, Emirates flies to more than 85 countries and covers 140 cities. So, this airline will be the preference of Israeli people to travel to USA or Abu Dhabi. While Etihad flies to just 74 cities in total so considering the circumstances, Emirate is the front runner in the aviation industry.

The contract between both countries not only allows the tourists to visit the USA but also provides an opportunity to Etihad and Emirates to feed Israeli passengers through their airport hubs. Before this agreement, the airlines that were operating in the Middle East were Turkish Airlines and Royal Jordanian.

Note: You can find out the accurate flight details and schedules at the respective airline’s websites.

3) How Israeli people can get a USA Visa?

The Israel and USA government agrees to allow the citizens of both countries to reciprocate the visa-free travel. It means that people from both countries can travel without a visa or on arrival visa. According to the Israel prime minister, it will be a huge boost for the traveling industry and business for both countries. Along with that, the trade and goods exchange will benefit all the Middle East including UAE.

According to the USA foreign ministry, they have announced the activation of tourist entry visas through airlines along with travel and tourism agencies for Israeli passport holders. There will be a bit of confusion until the mutual visa agreement is declared and it means that Israelis will be able to get visas on arrivals. It works the same if the Emiratis visit Israel for tourism or business.

Final thoughts

Here we have discussed everything you need to know before traveling to the USA. You can take a direct flight to any of these cities in the USA. In case you are traveling in a pandemic make sure to follow all the SOPs and health precautions to keep yourself safe. Along with that, the COVID test is also important for safe entry in the USA else you have to spend 14 days in quarantine. The test report is effective for 48 to 72 hours mostly.

To move inside the city after landing make sure to rent a car so that you can move around at your own pace. If your stay is long, go for companies to choose the car according to your stay duration. We recommend as it is the best and affordable company and they won’t charge you any hidden fee. Booking your hotel and car USA in advance will bring you a lot of mental peace. Happy traveling and safe Journey!


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